SherTec Services:

You cant learn the things we teach you from a book or on the internet.  We know, because we have tried 

This was our approach 15 years ago when we first got into the marking and identification business.  We are happy to teach you what we learned over the course of 15 years.  We know what works and what doesnt work.  We know that the system you use is a huge part of success  We will explain these things and much more! 

We offer a non-pressured environment to teach practical knowledge of laser marking and all the marking methods on the market.  Best of all, not only can we talk about it, we can prove it first hand at our process lab located at 1482 N. Batavia St, in Orange Ca 92867.

We keep the teaching aspect very easy to understand.  Think of this as "laser for dummies" or "laser 101" but easier because we are in a 1 on 1 enviornmnet.  

We get a lot of great feedback from people like you that helps us to put a zing into our services to help you - and seperate us from the crowd!

If you are looking to learn laser and dot peen technology and then use that knowledge to cut costs using laser and dot peen technologies - you have come to the right place! 

Below is just a sample of all the items we cover... 

laser marking
laser engraving
laser cutting
laser annealing
laser welding
dot peen marking
UID verification
UID marking
UV four color processing direct to substrate

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