Consulting Services...

If you already have a marking or engraving system, we offer laser consulting services.  We will go on site and help you optimize your system.  So if you have any laser such as from Trotec, Epilog, Universal, Rofin, AB Laser, RMI, Trumpf, Electrox or Control laser we help you with your process.  If you need service, you will need to contact the vendor directly.

Laser marking can be tricky if the proper procedures and recipes are not followed.  

Example 1: Laser marking steel to survive passivation

This is prevalent in making medcial devices as passivating removes free iron from the surface of steel.  This is critical when using that device in surgery and specifically when that device entres the human body.     

Laser marking is done just prior to the passivation.  If not marked correctly, the passivation step will completely remove the mark.  If autoclaved afterwards, the laser mark may oxidize or rust.  

This is a common issue that can be solved using a standard fiber laser.  Be aware, some laser companies offer unconventional lasers and you will pay a premium along with having higher maintenance.  Other companies say that direct fiber laser marking can not survive passivation unless Thermark or Cerdec is used to coat the surface and laser bond the material to the metal surface.  This requires a secondary process that adds a consummable cost as well as labor costs.

We at SherTec offer all the types of lasers and therefore will present explanaions with unbiased solutions for you to make the right decision.  

Example 2:  Laser marking 2D code to produce verifiable UID code on parts or DPM (Direct Part Marking) 
UID has been a mandated requirement since 2004.  Parts must be marked according to Mil Std 130 using a 2D matrix code using a specific format that follows the 15434 format.   What the Government didn't understand is that marking metal parts with geometries is much more difficult then printing black ink on a piece of flat white paper.  SherTec was one of the few companies that took the challenge to sell a turn-key UID system and therefore was under fire to meet the challenge to verify the code to Mil Std 130.  This was not an easy task, but working with our partners at UID2Go and ID Integration, we solved all issues where others failed.  This has helped to propel our knowledge and experience relating to all aspects of UID and allows us to offer this invaluable experience to our customers.         

These are just two examples.  There are many other questions related to different topics including cutting, marking and engraving.  We are sure our services will benefit you.