SherTec has been providing manufacturing solutions for 15 years and is a Southern California based consulting and representative firm providing identification, traceability, cutting, welding and decorative solutions with an emphasis on laser based systems.

Gary Sheriff is the president of SherTec, Inc.  Gary holds an electrical degree and started as an engineer for many years in the semiconductor business.  With an engineering background and expertise in materials processing, Gary is able to provide a unique prospective to clients that far exceed others and make SherTec, Inc a recognizable icon in the industry.

The SherTec experience is also one of the very few places where you can learn laser technology as well other marking technologies while enjoying a hands-on demonstration at our facility in Orange, Ca.  At our hands-on demonstrations, we will be able to process your material and your files using our laser and dot peen technologies.  If your file needs work, no problem, we will be able to modifiy or vectorize the file and pass the techniques to you so that you will be able to do the work yourself, should you decide to purchase a system.

Shertec also provides live, hands-on demonstrations of all UID requirements.  We have scanners, validators and verifyiers at our facility and will be able to provide a full presentation that will answer all of your UID questions and requirements from A to Z.

We dont stop there, if you would like to know more about laser technology and UID, SherTec offers a one day, comprehensive laser and UID class.  This class is geared along the lines of a "Lasers for Dummies" and "UID for Dummies" environment.  The class covers practical uses of a laser, all industrial laser technologies, laser history, and provides answers to questions related the best lasers to process specific materials.  You will learn techniques so you may satisfy UID Mil Std 130 specs, marking medical devices to survive passivation, any and all forms of traceability requirements including serialization, deep engraving and bar coding.