My partner John and I want to give Gary our highest recommendation. He has been essential to helping us start our new plant container business. while we talked to a large number of manufacture's engineers none compare to Gary. Using his vast experience and knowledge, Gary has the unique ability to communicate in either technical or layman's terms and helped us understand which system and what power laser would be best for our business. His excellent advice helped us avoid many pitfalls (saving us time & money) and it is clear to us he loves what he does. Gary is a down to earth person who really wants his clients to succeed. While others acted like they didn't really have the time to spend with us, Gary made us feel like we were his highest priority and only client. We really can't say enough about what a great find he is. We can tell you that Gary is the guy you want in your corner. We expect to work with him for years to come and are very happy to have met him.

John Dimitroff & Dean Munt owners Re-Pot Plant Containers, Perris Ca.


We just purchased our second machine from Gary. Not only did he exceed our expectations, his customer service was second to none. We were in a time crunch and with his dedication he had the new machine delivered in no time at all. He also personally came out to make sure we were up and running and help with set up. To this day he still checks to make sure our machines are running smoothly. He's always a pleasure to work with and we see Gary as an asset in growing business. You can't go wrong working with Gary. 


"Great Service, Great guy!" - Milton Camejo - USMC, retired

The statement above is in reference to a service provided to create and develop two vector files from low resolution bitmaps.  The vector file was needed to deep engrave on a rifle.   

If you want reliability and effective customer service– Trotec will give optimum results- Our local sales rep – Gary from Shertec has provided us with the product knowledge to help us optimize production and his service and training has been helpful for us to cut costs with some unique features he offers.  We are an OEM supplier to some of the world’s most prestigious automotive companies. Being in a business where quality and dependability is everything, we cannot afford to settle for second best. Our Trotec Speedy 300 has given us nothing but excellent quality with a production time second to none.

Thanks for helping us stay on top.  –Camisasca Automotive Mfg.

"Shertec was very helpful in educating us about all the different types of lasers and barcode readers. They helped us pick the right laser and barcode readers for our application. Shertec was also readily available to help us optimize our laser marked barcodes in order to have a wider variety of barcode readers scan them. Overall, having access to Shertec’s knowledge has helped us reach our goals in a timely manner.”

- CP Carrillo, Irvine, Ca
I express my sincerest thanks to SherTec for its above and beyond customer service on my Rayjet 300 laser system.  My laser machine runs about 45-50 hours a weeks and we have never had any problems until this past Wednesday when we experienced a tube failure.  Your customer service department sent overnight a new laser tube and power supply.  You came out to our factory on a Saturday, diagnosed the problem and installed the new tube.  My machine is running as I send this testimonial.
You went out of your way on your day off to help rectify the situation.  My second machine purchase next year will also be a Trotec laser since I have learned that this is a company I can rely on for the growth of my business.
- Robert Tepper, CEO
Western Engraving/American Art Stamp/AM Laser Engarving

We purchased a Trotec Speedy 300 from Gary Sheriff in 2009, and have had reliable and impressive results both from this machine and from Gary's service.  Gary has given the highest level of customer support and training to our company regarding any questions we have had about the use of the laser machine and interfacing the design program with it.  There was an incident where we had a friend helping to move the laser machine and he stepped on the USB cord and ripped the USB port off the motherboard.  Gary came that day and stayed late installing a new USB port into the machine.  We are very grateful for Gary's expertise and generosity with his time.  I would not hesitate to recommend the purchase of any product from Shertec, Inc. because of Gary Sheriff's commitment to excellent service. 

Karen Blashaw, Axis Percussion

I attended the “Shedding Light on Lasers” class taught by Gary Sheriff of Shertec and came away with a greater knowledge of lasers, laser applications, and how simple they are to use. Gary is an excellent instructor, presenting the material in an easy to follow, interesting way. When asked an application question, Gary answered with practical ways to achieve the desired results and was able to demonstrate some of the solutions he talked about during breaks. Material I learned in the class will definitely help with my future business endeavors. I highly recommend this class for anyone who is in any type of manufacturing, and Gary to anyone that has a use for a laser.

- Joe Daileda
I highly recommend Gary's Laser Equipment and especially the assistance he has been given us with the equipment as well as the program to work with it.

-Margarethe Young, Glendora, Ca
Gary is very customer centered.  He has acted as an advocate and troubleshooter for our system since the install.  A few weeks ago he came out to our location on the weekend to help us with a laser power problem.  Since we are essentially a custom shop, he understands that our volumes vary and our schedules can be very tight - and Gary makes great efforts  to make sure we can make our customers satisfied.

Steve Jones
Blue Panther LLC

I have owned my Trotec laser for several years and have always appreciated Gary's (at Shertec) quick reponse to my questions on operational and software issues.  It is nice to know that there is still one person and one company (Trotec) in this country that prides itself on great and timely customer service.

Dave Garcia
The Wood Block
Not only are your machines the very best in quality, but so is your support and training.  I could not be happier with my purchase.
Thank you for everything!

Phillip Doermann

I've been buying machines from Gary for over 5 years now. I have owned lasers here in Orange County since 1987 back when they were very crude machines, like some of the current imports. I always had a minimum of two machines to cover failures and down time and for a while needed three lasers to be safe until Trotec came along. Needless to say I have owned three other brands of lasers over the years and use that experience wisely to go forward to purchase newer more powerful machines. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I know what to look for when purchasing lasers and engraving machines. Trotec impressed me from the first moment I saw them at trade shows, then when a guy like Gary shows you a machine you know right away he's more than a salesman, he uses the machines, and is genuinely there to help.

So with my experience, I purchased my first Trotec laser, keeping one old backup machine in house just in case. The Trotec proved itself quickly, the ease of installation and use. I had to get rid of that other machine as the other company that manufactured it evolved to a point where they wouldn't even talk to me (cross country support) unless I paid them money, this after owning three of their brand of lasers.

Aftter purchasing my first Trotec laser, Gary was there the whole time, not only showing up the day the new machine was delivered, but there on the phone at 11pm at one point just a few weeks ago when having a problem with Corel. I had 1600 nameplates that had to get done overnight and the file size was causing problems, Gary took remote control of my computer to clean up my mess and got me out of my office by 3am, I was prepared to stay all night if it wasn't for Gary. It was not even a Trotec related problem.

I went forward and purchased a second machine for my son doing business in San Luis Obispo, comfortable knowing he will not have problems, and knowing if he needed support he'd get it. That was about two years ago and the machine has proved it's reputation again. As recently as 3 months ago I had my third Trotec laser delivered at my office once again with no hassle.

I have comfortably recommended Trotec sadly to a few of my customers who really needed to do their work in house with the same positive experience we've had. I will not hesitate to purchase another Trotec laser knowing Gary will be there.

ADA Signs 
"Thanks for your time and knowledge, Gary. There's nothing more professional than a articulate salesman who KNOWS his product" - Derek, Vanguard Audio 

The statement above is in reference to a conversation setting the record straight about the laser process after other companies gave different answers to the same question.

We were introduced to Gary when we were in the market for a  new machine for our business. From start to finish he has been a delight to work with.  During our demo of the machine Gary made sure we had all our questions and concerns answered.  After the machine arrived Gary took his time with us at our business to make sure we were comfortable  both with the machine, and the software.  Gary’s experience rates extremely high, and just in a short time we learned so much from him. To this day, we know Gary is only a phone call away with any questions or concerns we may  have. I will definetely be using Gary soon for both training and purchasing of new equipment for our business.  With  Gary’s help I know we can grow our business to the next  level.  - CM Personal Gifts Management