Jun 29, 2013

Laser Foam Cutting for Tools

Laser Foam Cutting for Tools

Posted by: Gary
At Shertec in So Cal, we are cutting foam using our CO2 laser.  Foam cutting with a laser is much faster and easier then cutting foam with a knife or any other method.  

Cutting foam with a laser is a great way for tool cribs to organize tools.  At Shertec, Southern California, we are working with a major aircraft producer that has over 300,000 tools in one facility and another facility with an equal amount of tools.  You certainly dont want to be a pilot of an F18 and take a turn a 4 g's and have the extra challenge of avoiding flying screw drivers at your head that have been left in your plane from the mechanic or plane builder!  

Tool kits cut with a laser is a great way to organize tools and help ensure all tools are returned to their proper space. 

Start by taking a photo.  Place all tools on top of the foam in your choice of desired location.  Lighting is critical in order to vectorize to create the laser path properly.  Camera resolution is important and distance from the camera to the foam with tools is important for scaling.  Using the proper software can resolve any scaling issues after importing the photo.        At Shertec, we distribute a powerful software called, "Cut Shop".  This advanced software package creates a vectorized path around the tools for the laser to follow.
The laser cuts each vector line and if the right laser and proper settings are used, then the pieces fall out.  We use a Trotec Speedy series laser.     .75" thick foam is shown in the photo.  Depending on laser power and lens used thicker foam can be cut.  We cut up to 2" of foam!