The Trotec Flatbed laser is made to industrial specifications and Trotec "machines" its own parts so that each part fits and functions to the highest degree.  Other, competitive systems use off-the-shelf parts and bend and cut parts to fit.

The Trotec laser system very easy to support.  Failures are few and far between and Teamviewer or similar can be used to diagnose and support customers real time through the the unique Job Management system.   The computer has been removed from the laser system so when you upgrade your design computer you have upgraded everything.  This will also ensure higher reliabilty as we don t have an internal computer that may fail or become out of date.  

Trotec does not use motherboards or ribbon cables or linear encoders that can fail or need constant maintenance.  All components are protected or sealed to ensure all components are free from process contamination.      


The Trotec laser system uses military grade components where possible to ensure the highest degree of excellence.

The Trotec flatbed system now has the highly anticiapted password protected recipes making the job managment system ideal for the manufactruing enviroment and ensuring that operators can't change laser settings. 

Below is a snap shot of the Trotec product line.  Please click to the left to find the product that best fits your project.  

Shertec offers both flatbed and galvo style lasers so we offer an unbiased opinion to find the system that best fits.