Galvo Laser Options:
Lens Selection and Part Height
Lens selection is critcial.
Below are charts related to all lens configurations and the cooresponding maximum part heights    The Max Height, below, pertains to the workstation:  
Focus Finder Option
Focus finder - elegant method to find focus using a secondary red dot. As the laser head is moved up or down, two red dots will seperate or come together.  When the part is at the correct focus, the operator will see only one red dot on the part.  
Rotary Indexer:
Ring Marking Shown
OD and ID of rings are easily marked
Rotary Indexer allows 360 degree marking.  Wrap logos, text and photos seamless around rings or cylinders!  The rotray indexer tilts to allow marking on the inside of rings.   
A special chuck is avaialble no matter if you prefer to laser mark on the outside or the inside of a ring  
LWS Workstation and X and Y Motion    
LWS Workstation includes wheels and is classified as an eye safe Class 2 laser system LWS Workstation without top skins.  
- Side to side is 30 inches across.  
- Front to back is 38".  
- The T-slot tooling plate is 15.5"x14.5".  Picture shows tooling on top of the optional Y axis drive
LWS workstation top view with optional X axis motion.  Laser shown in the left most position. LWS workstation top view with optional X axis motion.  Laser shown in the right most position.  


XY Options for LWS 700 and 1300 Workstations:
Each lens mark field equates to a "tile" 
1st tile is far left.  Laser moves left to right for larger "X" field
If "Y" motion is purchased, tooling plate with parts moves North and South for larger "Y" field

LWS 700 Workstation XY Options
Scroll to bottom for mock up # of tiles for Y axis


LWS 1300 Workstation XY Options

X Travel = 31.9"
Y Travel = 12.8" (Optional)
XY Mock up for 160 lens LWS 1300   
XY Mock up for 254 lens LWS 1300