Laserable Plastics

Matrix Magic!

Laserable Plastics - Examples:  Trolase and Rowmark
Below is a sample of Black/White Trolase plastic and ten matrices revealing a range of laser settings

Simply choose the desired box and set the laser settings as per the matrix settings and print the appropriate DPI

(see below for a list of constants and variables to create your own matrix)

The only difference in the two side by side photos (below) is a .06" defocus


A matrix program is a great tool to determine best laser settings for any material.  Each matrix below contains 16 boxes.  Each box represents a snap shot of different laser power and speed settings shown by the numbers to the left and top of each matrix.  Below is a list explaining constants and variables.

  • Trotec 80 watt Speedy 300
  • Air assist flow very low
  • 2" lens
  • Bottom up engraving
  • Row 1 - directly in focus
  • Row 2 - .060" defocus
  • DPI (per matrix) left to right - 250, 333, 500, 600 and 1000
  • Power ranges from 20% up to 60%
  • Speed ranges from 20% up to 80%