Flatbed Laser

also known as

XY Plotter Laser

Flatbed lasers are literally operated as if they were a paper printer.  Just about any Windows based software that has a "print" function will be able to operate the laser.  Popular programs include Corel Draw, Adobe Illustraitor, Engravelab, Bartender and AutoCAD


A flatbed laser is an all-in-one system.  It is eye-safe and therefore can be loacted anywhere in your facility or house  

The laser beam is directed by fixed mirrors 

The laser beam is directed across a carriage arm.  The laser head at the far end will travel back and forth similar to an ink jet printer.  

Close up of the what is happening on the laser head.  The beam is directed downward through the focusing lens

Overall concept.  The laser head travels in the X direction and the carriage arm travels in the Y postion for the XY motion

The carraige is shown and a rotray indexer is shown.  Using the rotary indexer, the rotation becomes the Y motion.  This makes it simple to wrap a logo around a cylinder.  

The laser creates smoke.  A fume system is a critcial part of any laser.  An exhaust port on the back makes it possible to connect a vacuum system 

Once the vacuum system in installed and working, the exhaust window in the laser can be optimized so that suction is pulled only from the process zone.  The blue represents the suction.

Exhaust is critical esp[ecially using a C02 laser.  A pre-filter, and exhaust are shown with the laser.  

The pre-filter can be very useful especially when engraving materials that creates large particles.  The handle on the pre-filter is turned - knocking down all the debris into a bag.

The bag in the pre-filter can be thrown away and a new bag installed.  There are no consummables in the pre-filter.

The suction is created from the actual fume system.  Two turbines are shown pulling suction through activated carbon and then releasing all the clean air back into the room.

A fume system usually has several stages.  A filter section to capture debris and then a carbon stage to clean the smell.

An overall view of the air from the laser filter downward through the filter and then through the carbon and then into the immediate room.

The filter section of the filter is a consummable that will need to be replaced over time

There are several types of fume systems with different CFM and static pressure ratings.  Both are critcial depending on your material and the size of your laser system.